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These internal rules are established by UAB Pajūrio Gabija, Hotel Gabija, located at Vytauto str. 40, Palanga, the procedure and conditions for the provision of services.


  • Hotel Gabija is a holiday destination that provides accommodation, catering, wellness and beauty services, conferences, celebrations and other events.
  • The hotel guest is every person on the premises of Hotel Gabija.
  • These internal rules set out the responsibilities and rights of hotel guests when using hotel services and guest service arrangements.
  • These rules are binding on all hotel guests and the guest undertakes to comply with them unconditionally and to ensure that they are followed.
  • The consequences of not knowing or complying with these rules are the responsibility of the hotel.
  • The prices (including VAT) and payment procedure and conditions of the services provided by the Hotel are provided in the “Hotel Services Agreement”, individual agreements and offers, on the Hotel website and in other official advertising and information materials of the hotel.
  • Hotel staff have the right not to admit persons whose misconduct is contrary to public policy or other norms of conduct in society.
  • Hotel services are not available for persons who do not agree to abide by the hotel policies.
  • The hotel administration has the right to remove guests who repeatedly violate hotel policies after the first warning.
  • For security, the hotel’s common areas and areas are monitored by video cameras.
  • The hotel guest must compensate the damage to the hotel property and third parties in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • It is forbidden to leave young children unattended in the hotel rooms and public areas.

RECEPTION AND ACCOMMODATION IN THE HOTEL• Every guest must present a valid ID.

  • Upon arrival, the guest is provided with a guest card, which must be filled in with a valid identity document (passport, identity card).
  • Arrival time is from 15:00, departure until 12:00.
  • The guest must pay the bill on the day of arrival (exceptions may apply) if not paid prior to the guest's pre-invoice. The services provided (excluding accommodation) can be paid for immediately after they are provided or the amount payable can be added to the room bill.
  • The accommodation fee is paid according to the set prices in the price list of the period (EUR), i.e. under the cooperation agreement or the current daily price. The hotel reserves the right to change the prices of the services at its own discretion.
  • Late check-out (extended to 18:00) is available on request at an additional cost (50% of the room rate per day).
  • In case of cancellation, reduction of the reservation and no-show, a cancellation / no-show fee will apply.
  • In case of late arrival, a fee will be charged for the actual downtime of the room.
  • Guests staying less than 24 hours a day pay 24 hours a day, regardless of the check-in time.
  • The guest staying in the hotel must pay the Palanga city tax, i.e. 1 EUR / d per person. fee from 18 years. age.
  • Only guests registered at the hotel reception can stay in the rooms. Guests must pay for all persons actually staying in the room. Extra person surcharge applies.
  • Guests staying in the room (s) after 22:00 must check in at the Gabija Hotel with an ID and pay for the accommodation or leave the hotel.
  • The person who has booked the room (s) is responsible for the behavior of all persons living in the room and compliance with these rules.
  • A guest who has suffered property and / or non-property damage must immediately notify the hotel reception, indicating the location and circumstances of the incident. If the guest does not comply with this condition, subsequent complaints will not be considered.
  • Guests must return hotel inventory to staff upon departure. In case of damage, loss or other loss, the guest must reimburse the value of the inventory. If guests cannot be accommodated due to damage, the full price of the room will be charged during the damage elimination period.
  • If the guest does not vacate and cannot contact the room before the agreed departure time, or if the guest does not maliciously pay for the services provided and does not vacate the room at the request of the administration, the administration reserves the right to move the room to other secure areas.
  • The hotel rooms are equipped with a minibar. Guests can pay for the use of the minibar at reception on the day of departure. The price list of the mini bar range can be found in the room.
  • The hotel is not responsible for items left in the guest's room. Guests can leave their valuables and money in the in-room safe or in the shared safe at the hotel reception.
  • Hotel guests must inform the hotel administration of any technical faults or quality of service observed, otherwise the hotel will be released from liability.
  • The administration has the right to enter the guests' living rooms to ensure security. Call an ambulance if necessary.
  • The hotel reception is open 24 hours a day.
  • The hotel administrator is prohibited from providing any information about guests to third parties without the guest's consent.
  • From 23:00 to 06:00, the hotel is at rest. It is subject to change at the discretion of the hotel administration. Noise or other disturbance to hotel guests is not permitted during quiet hours.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hotel rooms and public areas. Administrative fee for smoking in rooms and public areas - 100 EUR / person.
  • The hotel rooms are serviced daily from 08:00 until 19:00.
  • Hotel bed linen is changed every three days and towels and bathrobes are changed on request.
  • It is forbidden to move the furniture (without the approval of the administration).
  • Items lost by guests and found by staff or other guests are handed over to the room service. The hotel undertakes to keep the found (left) items for 30 days from the date of departure. Hygiene products, underwear and other similar items are not stored and disposed of upon departure. Upon the written request of the guest, the items belonging to the guest stored in the hotel may be sent to him by post or otherwise handed over if the guest agrees to pay for the shipping of the item (s).
  • The hotel is not responsible for guests' personal belongings left on the hotel premises.
  •  Hotel staff are not responsible for children left without adult supervision.


  • Child - a person under 18 years of age.
  • Children should only use the services in conjunction with the adult caregivers who are responsible for the safety of minors and compliance with these rules.
  • Extra beds in hotel rooms are charged:
  • Children up to 3 years. age free accommodation;
  • Children up to 3 years. age: 5 € / day, if a manege is required, an extra bed or a sofa bed in the room is used;
  • Children from 4 years. - 10 m. age: 20 € / day, using parent's bed, extra bed or using the sofa bed in the room;
  • Children from 11 years - 17 m. age: 30 € / day, using an extra bed or using the sofa bed in the room;
  • Adult: 40 € / night, using an extra bed or a sofa bed in the room.


  • The buyer and / or holder of the gift voucher agrees with the terms and conditions of use of the gift voucher of Hotel Gabija.
  • The gift certificate confirms the right of the holder to use the amount specified in it or specific services.
  • The gift voucher is valid only when booking services directly by phone: +370 699 95973 / +370 460 48251 or e-mail. email:
  • Gift vouchers cannot be used to pay for alcohol, minibar items or merchandise.
  • The gift voucher is non-refundable and non-cashable.
  • If the gift voucher is lost or not presented at the time of arrival, it will not be possible to use the gift voucher, i. services will not be provided under the purchased coupon.
  • If the price of the selected services exceeds the amount indicated in the gift voucher, the difference can be paid by a convenient payment method: in cash, by payment card. If the price of the selected services is lower than the amount indicated in the gift voucher, the difference will not be refunded. The coupon amount is indivisible.
  • The gift voucher is valid for 9 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated on the coupon.
  • If the gift voucher is not used during its validity period, it will expire and the money paid for it will not be refunded.
  • The gift voucher of monetary value is multi-type. The VAT invoice for this coupon is issued after the service has been provided to the person to whom the service is actually provided.


  • The hotel car parks are videotaped. The sites are not protected. The hotel is not responsible for cars and their belongings.
  • Parking lots on the hotel territory are paid from May 15. until September 15 Please reserve places in advance (the number of places is limited), the price is 8 EUR/day.


  • Each visitor must follow the general rules of the Operator. All public policy rules apply to all visitors to the spa. Visitors ensure the safety of themselves and others by following these rules.
  • Visitor - any person who, in accordance with the procedure established by the Operator, has acquired a permit, a subscription, lives in a hotel or has entered the SPA center in other ways specified by the operator.
  • These rules set out the mandatory conditions for the provision of services (provision of services), security, hygiene and provision of services to the visitors of the SPA center.
  • These rules are mandatory for all visitors to the spa, regardless of age. The visitor must read these rules carefully and strictly follow them when using the services of the SPA center. The rules of using the SPA center have been drawn up in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. The visitor is responsible for the consequences of ignoring or not following these rules.
  • Entrance prices to the SPA center are set by the administration of UAB Pajūrio gabija.
  • Guests have free access to the spa in the morning.
  • The opening hours of the pool and sauna area are set by the hotel administration.
  • Access to the spa area may be suspended due to technical barriers when all individual lockers are occupied and / or otherwise.
  • Guests are responsible for items left in the spa area and cloakroom.
  • The operator ensures temperatures: in the Turkish bath during operation: 40-43 degrees, in the Finnish sauna during operation: 70-80 degrees, in the pool: 21–28 degrees, in the whirlpool: 33–38 degrees.
  • Persons of all ages have the right to use the services provided by the SPA center, except for the exceptions provided for in these rules. It is forbidden to visit the area of ​​the spa center: for persons suffering from infectious, contagious skin diseases, with open wounds, feeling ailments that endanger the safety of oneself or other visitors. Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances are not allowed in the spa area. The use of the spa area is prohibited for persons who do not stay in the hotel and / or do not have a permit or subscription.
  • Children under the age of 14 are only allowed to visit the spa's baths and swimming pools if they are accompanied by an adult who is responsible for their safety. An adult must be over the age of 18 and take full responsibility for the behavior of supervised children and compliance with these rules.
  • In the baths, swimming pools and SPA area of ​​the spa center it is forbidden to: consume alcoholic beverages, eat, smoke. It is forbidden to jump, dive, get in and out of swimming pools, in the whirlpool, in places not intended for that purpose. It is forbidden to run, push or shout loudly. Pets are not allowed in the spa. It is forbidden to use personal infusions and oils in saunas.
  • At the spa, visitors must wear slippers that are suitable for wearing in a humid environment. Visitors must change only in specially equipped changing rooms. It is mandatory to leave your clothes and outdoor shoes in the locker.
  • The spa area is intended for relaxation, rest, so it is necessary to observe silence and respect the rest of other visitors.
  • Before entering and leaving the spa - visitors must take a shower. The dry sauna can only be entered with a towel, which must be placed on wooden loungers under the whole body. In the lounge area, a towel must be spread all over the body on the chairs and loungers. After using the saunas, it is necessary to take a shower before entering the pool. Slippers must be left at the entrance to the dry sauna.
  • Staff are not responsible for children left without adult supervision.


  • It is recommended to check the general state of health before starting sports;
  • Read the operating instructions before using the exercise machines;
  • Use the trainer only for its intended purpose;
  • Be careful when getting on and off the trainer;
  • Do not wear falling or falling clothing and footwear when exercising;
  • Protect yourself and your belongings from moving parts of the exercise machine;
  • If you notice a breakdown in the gym, inform the hotel reception;
  • Children are not allowed to use the exercise machine. Adolescents and people with disabilities may only use the exercise equipment under the supervision of an adult or a qualified trainer.


  • The hotel has a children's playroom. By providing this service, the Hotel is not responsible for the impact of this service on the health of a specific child.
  • Children can use the services only together with adults who supervise them, who are responsible for the safety of minors and compliance with these rules.
  • Full responsibility for the health, safety, appropriate behavior and compliance with these rules of the children in the playroom is assumed by the parents or adults accompanying the child.


  • Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant every morning from 08:00 until 11:30.
  • Breakfast is included in the room rate.
  • The hotel reserves the right to change the restaurant's opening hours depending on seasonality or unforeseen circumstances.
  • In the hotel's restaurant, guests are required to wear smart casual or evening wear. Hotel guests who do not comply with this requirement may be barred from the restaurant.
  • Guests with pets are not allowed inside the restaurant.
  • A breakfast ration is available on departure before 08:00. Guests must inform the hotel reception of their early departure the day before 18:00.
  • Hotel residents are not allowed to take food with them for breakfast (except for diabetic customers).

In case of fire or smell of smoke, call no. 100 (reception) or 112 (general emergency number). Our hotel address: Vytauto street 40, Palanga.

  • Note the emergency exits and stair layout, the location of fire extinguishers and fire alarms;
  • Do not use personal heaters and kettles in rooms;
  • All electrical appliances in the room, including the air conditioning system and sockets (except the minibar), switch off automatically when the room key card is removed from the special electrical connection device next to the room door. If you leave the card in the room's electrical outlet, turn off all electrical appliances (TVs, light bulbs, kettles, etc.) when leaving the room.
  • Do not cover electrical appliances with any substances, this is dangerous;
  • When smoking in the permitted places - at the entrance of the hotel, on the terrace of the restaurant - do not leave the smoke outlets, use the ashtray, do not throw out the smoke outlets in the trash, on the balcony, on the ground or on the grass;
  • It is forbidden to bring flammable substances and liquids into the rooms that could cause a fire.

If you smell strong smoke or detect a fire:
Do not panic, keep calm and control your actions;

  • Call no. 100 (reception) or 112 (general emergency number). Dial no from mobile phones. 112(general emergency number). Our hotel address: Vytauto street 40, Palanga.
  • Try to put out the fire if it is not life threatening. Otherwise, close the windows and doors tightly and leave the room;
  • Take the room key card with you when you leave the room, as you may be forced to return;
  • Leave the danger area and follow the instructions of the hotel administration, fire brigade;
  • If the corridors and stairwells of the hotel building are drowned in smoke, you cannot leave the room. Stay in your room and open the windows wide, call for help. Close the door tightly, this can protect you from danger for a long time. Cover the cracks (around the door and elsewhere), the ventilation ducts with towels or bedding moistened with water;
  • Try to inform you about your location no. 100 or 112.
  • Cover your head with a wet towel to help you breathe;
  • When firefighters arrive, be at the window and call for help;
  • If you need to evacuate from the hotel, use the evacuation plans on each floor and in your room;
  • Do not use lifts in any way during a fire; use only stairs.


  • Hotel Gabija administration is always waiting for guests' requests and suggestions in order to improve the quality of services provided. You can submit them by e-mail:
  • Guest suggestions and complaints are considered within the deadlines set by the administration and management meetings.

Hotel Gabija, when collecting, processing and storing the data and information provided to it by the guest (s), follows the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts regulating the procedure for collecting, processing and storing personal data.
You can submit a request / complaint regarding the service purchased on our website to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service (Vilniaus St. 25, 01402 Vilnius, e-mail, tel. 8 5 262 67 51, fax (8 5) 279 1466 , on the website, for its territorial subdivisions in the counties - or to fill in the application form on the EGS platform




Daytime curtain

100 – 200 EUR

Night curtains

300 EUR

Bedspread DBL

150 – 200 EUR

Bedspread SGL

150 – 200 EUR

Bed mattress DBL

350 – 400 EUR

Bed mattress DBL

25 – 30 EUR

Bed mattress SGL

20 EUR

Blanket SGL

30 EUR


20 EUR

Bath towel

10 EUR

Hand towel

8  EUR

Foot mat

8  EUR

Spa towel

10 EUR


30 EUR

Children's Bathrobe

20 EUR








20 EUR


40 EUR


100 – 150 EUR



Mirror in the room

150 EUR

Mirror in the bathroom

200 EUR

Bathroom glass partition

300 EUR


20 – 300 EUR

Sofa bed

1000 EUR


20 – 30 EUR

A desk

300 – 400 EUR


400 EUR


Address: Vytauto g. 40, LT-00129, Palanga
Tel: +370 (460) 48251
Mob: +370 (699) 95973
JSC “Pajūrio Gabija”
Registration code: 152538357
VAT: LT525383515
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