PHYTOMER procedures

The wide range of all recognized facial and body treatments that refresh the mind and senses is inspired by the winds of the Brittany coast in France.

For almost 50 years, PHYTOMER has been mobilizing the power of the sea to produce skin care products that help reveal the beauty of women and men - natural, distinctive, vibrant.

An exclusive experience that can be enjoyed in the spa oasis of GABIJA Hotel.

PHYTOMER invites you to get acquainted with the most important branded facial and body care procedures. Using the branded relaxation technique, a visible beautification is inseparable from the exceptional relaxation. During each procedure, your skin receives all the gifts of the sea.
EXTENDED YOUTH 60 min. 70 €

The leading anti-aging ritual that targets all wrinkles to smooth the skin, reduce lines and replump the face.

HYDRA BLUE 60 min. 43 €

A skincare essential that pairs moisturizing performance with intense relaxation using organic ingredients, sense-awakening textures and a relaxing massage to leave skin soothed and glowing, plumped and rested.

MARINE SOFTNESS 60 min. 45 €

The procedure works like a soothing softening shield - it soothes irritated skin, reduces redness, strengthens capillaries, restores skin balance and improves its structure.

SKIN ESCAPE FOR MEN 60 min. 45 €

Choose a moisturizing, rejuvenating or skin-compensating version of the treatment tailored to the needs of men’s skin.

EYE PERFECTION 30 min. 45 €

A comprehensive treatment for the sensitive eye area, which involves rejuvenating the eye area and applying two masks that reduce puffiness, black circles, smooth wrinkles and give the skin firmness and a healthy glow.

OLIGOMER SPA 60 min. 55 €

A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating holistic treatment with an exclusive 65-movement massage. Your skin will be soft, moisturized and replenished with minerals.

SATIN SHIMMER 40 min. 37 €

A velvety body scrub that removes dirt, dead skin cells, improves skin tone, activates blood circulation, cleanses pores, promotes skin regeneration and increases its elasticity so you can enjoy soft and silky skin.


An exclusive treatment with a triple-effect body scrub that gives the skin softness, radiance and smoothness. Intensive slimming and firming body modeling massage forms the silhouette, restores the skin structure and strengthens it.

LOTION P5 60 min. 58 €

Gourmet and effective slimming 4-seaweed jam wrap your skin with minerals and trace elements. Extremely pleasant sea breath accompanies the entire procedure, thanks to the effective seawater concentrate OLIGOMER® and extracts of four different algae used for slimming and drainage.

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